Blogging Truths Be Told: You Can’t Always Judge a Book By Its . . .

Degrees of Maternity

Cover . . . Outward Appearance . . . First Impression. How would you finish the title? Well, several times recently, I’ve found myself thinking deeply about today’s topic. And every time I do so, I become more and more upset by the abundance of attention people place on the wrong things and the lack of attention they place on the right things.

I suppose societal norms have set us up to ooooo and ahhhh over superficial stuff that doesn’t really amount to much when you put it up against the stuff with some substance. So, why is it that we are drawn to people, things, and ideas based on their shiny surfaces instead of digging deep to see that the inner workings are decaying on the inside? And sooner rather than later, the rottenness will rear its ugly head and start marring that shiny outward exterior.

But surely, we’re…

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